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University Academy Keighley
07 Dec 2020
I was looking for a booking system for the lettings facilities at the school that I work at, and School Bookings met the brief very well. The technical team and customer support team were great in helping with the questions I had regarding the set up and operation of the system. I would recommend the use of School Booking for any facility looking for a reliable, simple to use system for their letting facilities.

David Murdoch from University Academy Keighley

Caedmon College
09 Oct 2020
School booking allows staff to manage their bookings and removes hassle and stress from the day. Couple that to a winning parents evening session hat both Staff and parents find easy to use and you have a winning package that allows you as a school to focus on what matters while looking pretty slick doing so!

Andrew Whelan from Caedmon College

St Mary's Menston
08 Oct 2020
The system is very easy to use. After receiving the training before lockdown and not being able to use it again until September, I found it very easy to navigate. Training was straightforward - broken down into two parts: general use and invoicing.

Jackie Ash from St Mary Meston

King Edward VI Grammar
24 Sep 2020
Andy and Aimee have been fantastic with assisting us with initial setup of our booking system. Implementation of feature requests (and the odd bug fix...?) has been extremely swift with excellent results! Couldn't recommend more highly!

Craig Wright from King Edward VI Grammar

Ormiston Maritime Academy
24 Sep 2020
School Booking has been a revolution here at OMA. The advent of COVID-19 meant we were in need of a user friendly, reliable bookings and lettings system and this more than ticked both boxes. High end product and service at a sensible price - many thanks!

Nathan Wilks from Ormiston Maritime Academy

John Taylor Free School
23 Jul 2020
School Booking allows staff to easily see which rooms and resources are available. The booking process is simple and easy to do. The email notifications, reminders and integration with Outlook calendars are also very useful. Overall I would highly recommend School Booking to anyone looking for a Booking System for their rooms/resources.

Andrew Dickson - Lead ICT Technician - John Taylor Free School

The Perins MAT
09 Mar 2020
School Booking is a great solution for managing a lot of resources. It enables us to monitor the use of items, spot patterns and also chase-up missing equipment with a trail to support us

Phil Segal from The Perins MAT

Taverham High School
25 Feb 2020
Our old Room Booking system that had been produced by a former employee failed over Christmas. I needed a solution asap and School Booking got us set-up very quickly and helped with all the necessary configuration. It's very user friendly and can do a lot more than expected. Exceptional customer support.

Gary O'Connor from Taverham High School

The Bishops Blue Coat High School
17 Jan 2020
Our recent experience of updating the method used for transferring data from our MIS to the Booking system was seamless- great instructions and all done in 15 minutes! We’ve been using SchoolBooking for a number of years and it is a great system – logically laid out and our staff find the booking process very easy. Integration with our MIS works well, merging the timetable for rooms with bookings added. We manage our Chromebook trolley bookings too with some bespoke design for the console. It’s really good.”

Jonathan Price from The Bishops Blue Coat High School

Cherwell School
03 Dec 2019
After managing the school lettings with excel spreadsheets that were growing by the day and getting ever so complicated, was a much needed solution! Once it was all set up, I immediately felt the sense of relief of having everything all organised. The system is so easy to use and now that we have started using the staff internal booking system as well, I have heard so many positive things from the teachers using it as well. Customer service and IT Support is top notch and the team at have really gone out of their way to help us with implementation.

Jennifer Ingham from The Cherwell School

Cantonian High School
13 Nov 2019
School Booking makes managing bookings in school straightforward. Unlike most other school booking systems, school booking makes managing items that are booked out easy via its resource tracking. It also makes booking straightforward for staff.

Kai Monroe from Cantonian High School

Community Schools Alliance Trust
30 Oct 2019
School Booking allows us to better manage and control our facilities - both through internal bookings and external lettings. Integration with our (our MIS) and Active Directory allows simple management of rooms and users and greatly reduces the workload on Teaching, Admin and Support Staff. We operate School Booking on multiple school sites, and continue to be impressed with the customer service and technical support.

T Mather - CSAT (Community Schools Alliance Trust)

Hagley Catholic High School
16 Oct 2019
Schoolbooking has made it so much easier for us to manage resources and lettings what was a laborious task is now simple :)

Patrick Hunt from Hagley Catholic High School

Beeston Hall School
02 Oct 2019
I have found the help to setup, the one month trial and the overall functionality of room booking really easy. Nothing to improve on from our point of view.

Paul Leaver from Beeston Hall School

New Marston Primary School
17 Sep 2019
I love how easy it is on the eye, very easy to manage and changes are immediate.

Tina Flannery from New Marston Primary School

Forest High School
12 Jun 2019
School Booking System has been really successful my school. I love it just set it up, forget it and let the staff get on.

Sean Adams from The Forest High School

Hailsham CC
24 Apr 2019
Early days for me but love the new bookings system. Will be a great asset to our school especially the lettings system .

Gabi Grimsey from HailshamCC

Wings Counselling
19 Mar 2019
SchoolBooking is so flexible. I use it for my counselling business for my therapists to check room availability. It has really streamlined the service I offer my therapists. The greatest joy for someone like me who is not tech savvy is that I can easily access a real person at the end of the phone to help me sort out any queries. I also feel it is good value for money. Well done to Andy and his team Wings counselling.

Maryanne Steele from Wings Counselling

Cheney School
06 Mar 2019
School Bookings is a great tool for our staff, as it nicely compliments the features of our MIS.

Thomas M from Community Schools Alliance Trust

Meole Brace School
25 Feb 2019
SchoolBooking is very user-friendly to our staff and they only needed simple guidance to start making their bookings. The system has multiple options so it can be tweaked to suit the needs of our school very easily. The setup and support have been great and we have confidence in knowing that there is always someone to help should we need it. Overall the SchoolBooking system is a great package offering good value for money and ease of use.

Meole Brace School

GEMS First Point School L.L.C
14 Feb 2019
By using schoolbooking the time spent on managing bookings has been reduced dramatically , no more complications or double bookings! Very user friendly that our staff did only need simple guidance to start logging their bookings.

Shourook Al-Fayez from GEMS First Point School L.L.C

Upper Wharfedale School
14 Jan 2019
A great room booking tool which is easy to use. Staff took to it very well with little to no training or support. The system has multiple options so it can be tweaked to suit the needs of the school.

Rob Holmes from Upper Wharfedale School

Bishop Veseys Grammar School
27 Jun 2018
School Booking is excellent value for money and so easy to set up. I wish I had started using this years ago. It will have a massive impact on the school.

Bishop Veseys Grammar School, UK

CET - Workington Academy
20 Jun 2018
This software fitted our needs well and was a reasonable price. The setup and support has been great and we look forward to increasing our usage over time.

Cumbria Education Trust, UK

Truro High School for Girls
16 Jan 2018
School Booking is a great system that allows us to easily manage our rooms and assets required for booking. It's a much improved solution to our previous setup and our users seem to find it very straight forward to use. Even our less IT literate users. We plan to replace some of our other in house systems such as lettings and events and switch over to using School Booking also.

Truro High School for Girls

Northamptonshire Sport
22 Sep 2016
This system helps us keep track of our valuable equipment and ensures that it’s available when people need it. It’s easy to use for administrators and users

Northamptonshire Sport

North Huddersfield Trust School
25 Jul 2016
SchoolBooking allows us to easily manage our rooms and resources. The system is very reliable and easy to use meaning less technical/IT support headaches. Overall SchoolBooking is a great package offering good value for money.

North huddersfield Trust School

Richard Taunton Sixth Form
21 Jul 2016
School Booking has proved to be a valuable tool our college uses to manage its internal bookings and commercial lettings. It is used widely by academic staff as well as our estates and finance teams and allows for easy tracking of bookings and payments. The software is easy to navigate by users and very easy to administer by our I.T. teams. The product integrates well with our database and cannot compare to other products of significantly higher cost.

Richard Taunton Sixth Form

Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College
18 Dec 2014
Have found the support to be excellent. I trust if I have an issues with will dealt with and resolve quickly, giving me confidence that you want to keep the customer happy. Also, our lettings manager who was not too confident initially when using roombooking trial, has found the schoolbookig system to be extremely user friendly and easy to use.

Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College - United Kingdom

Stanchester Academy
18 Dec 2014
For many years we tried to bend different pieces of software to meet our school booking needs. Whilst these solutions worked, to a fashion, they never really hit the mark. Then we found, and it ticked all the boxes for us. Straight after implementing the system, staff were telling us how much easier and more efficient bookings were with has also made the management of bookings much easier, after set up the system largely runs itself, which is ideal for us. In addition to the quality of the system, we have been really impressed with the support we have received. All queries have been responded to immediately, and a few suggestions we have made have been taken on board, further enhancing the system.

Stanchester Academy Somerset

Lochaber High School
18 Dec 2014
SchoolBooking has given staff a simple, easy and intuitive interface for room bookings. Increased use of our ICT rooms has benefited pupils.

Lochaber High School

St Peters Catholic High School
18 Dec 2014
SchoolBooking provides a feature-rich facility for managing your room and resource bookings – the biggest advantage being that it is very user friendly. We were able to present the site to our staff and everyone immediately got to grips with the procedure.

St Peters Catholic High School UK

Manningtree High School
18 Dec 2014
overall school booking solution is great value between features and cost.

Manningtree High School, UK

The Gilberd School
18 Dec 2014
At the Gilberd School, we were looking for a booking solutions package that would make our everyday task of booking rooms and resources simple and effective. We trialled many different companies but found SchoolBooking to produce the most competitive price and the best support. They have included a lot of updates for free to aid usability of the system for users and administrators and we would now be lost without them.

The Gilberd School, Essex UK

Thornden School
18 Dec 2014
When I contact schoolbooking with queries they have been very helpful and resolved any issue straight away. So I am please with the support

Thornden School, UK

Stockport Grammar School
18 Dec 2014
SchoolBooking is an excellent system that does everything we need it to do and more at great value! SchoolBooking helped us to consolidate various separate room booking and letting systems into one user portal that we could then integrate seamlessly into our current school intranet and website.

Stockport Grammar School, UK

The Colne Community School
18 Dec 2014
Keep doing what you’re doing – a great product and great customer service/support!

The Colne Community School, UK

Oxford Spires Academy
18 Dec 2014
SchoolBooking provides our staff with a single, up to date location to check room availability and make reservations. Following direct imports from our SIMS school timetable the booking system is already pre-populated with our scheduled classes. Staff have no problems navigating the newly designed interface in order to quickly reserve the rooms that they require. Our admin department are able to choreograph meetings with visitors effortlessly. In addition to the bookings functionality much of our academy is available for community hire and the lettings system enables our finance department to easily manage customer accounts and lettings, which in turn creates a more professional customer experience. SchoolBooking have consistently demonstrated exceptional customer service going well above and beyond anything that would be ordinarily expected, even to the point of developing custom pages and features specifically for our needs

Oxford Spires Academy, Oxford UK

Mark Rutherford School
18 Dec 2014
If you are looking for a consolidated software solution, SchoolBooking is a reliable system that does everything we need it to do. As this solution provides good value for money, I would be happy to recommend it!

Mark Rutherford School, UK

Bishop Foxs School
18 Dec 2014
The support team have always been excellent and we think the product is great value, and once setup it self runs.

Bishop Foxs School, Somerset UK

Heathfield Community School
18 Dec 2014
Excellent customer service and technical support. Head and shoulders above any other company that I have dealt with. Well done!

Heathfield Community School- Somerset UK

Combe Pafford School
18 Dec 2014
Very happy with our booking system – was great to finally get rid of horrible, problematic excel spreadsheets that were previously used for resource bookings. Very reasonable price for the product and would highly recommend it to other schools that are looking for a simple but effective way of managing their bookings. Easy set up is great from an IT technical staff point of view.

Combe Pafford School, Devon UK

DV8 Training
17 Dec 2014
We spent a long time looking for a cost-effective but user friendly system to use for the various types of equipment we have, that are booked out on a daily basis. I stumbled across School Bookings and immediately loved the simplicity, yet vast capability of the system – back then it was just Resource, Room Bookings and Lettings. Now a few years later, we are still using School Bookings as our main booking system and have received great support from their team and a lot of features we requested were slowly added. We are hoping to merge this with our MIS systems eventually and hope to continue with School Bookings for years to come!

DV8Training, UK

Wallace Hall Academy
17 Dec 2014
17:56:02 is such a great booking system,is accessible from anywhere and staff find it easy and powerful to use, I’m glad we came across it. Having this system in place saves the office staff alot of time organizing bookings compared to the old system and is even better than before due to the recent cosmetic upgrade. Worth every penny! Keep up the good work :)

Wallace Hall Academy, Dumfriesshire UK

Langley Park School for Girls
17 Dec 2014
‘Very happy with the service provided so far. Staff have passed on positive feedback regarding how easy it was to use. The updated look of the system has made it look far more modern and more on par with competitors.

Langley Park School for Girls, Kent, UK

Chilton Trinity School
17 Dec 2014
Great service and tech support.

Chilton Trinity School

The Sele School
14 Dec 2014
At The Sele School we have been using the School Booking system for several years and are very impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of using this software to manage our many outside lettings and our in-school classroom allocations. In particular the willingness of School Booking to take suggestions we have made into consideration has been very helpful, while their quick and effective response to any problems makes you feel well supported when the need arises

The Sele School