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Lettings Planner

Quickly check your facility availability with day and month views. Make your selection and then repeat dates, add extras and adjust booking costs as required.

Link to MIS

Link to your School MIS

Eliminate clashes with lessons and after school teacher/staff bookings. This unique feature gives lettings administrators full visibility of room/facility activity.

hirer Login

Hirer Login

Provide your hirers with a login where they can check reservations, invoices, account balance, and make new booking enquires.



Included with Lettings is your own customisable website where your hirers can view your facilities, check availability, and submit booking enquires.


Payments & Invoicing

Generate invoices, statements, record receipts and reconcile. Select from single or multiple bookings to invoice. Check hirer account statuses for late payment warnings.

Insightful Reports

Insightful Reports

Review your income and Lettings activity with reports. All our reports can be exported to excel or PDF ready for transferring to other financial software

Complete lettings management software for your school facilities

Easy to use booking pages

Lettings management

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Many more features to streamline your lettings


Include booking system resources, catering, venue layouts, support services, and other extra items with your facilities.

Hirer fee groups

Create separate price groups for different hirer types such as commercial, community, and charity organisations.

Space Booking (Multibook)

You can split your facilities such as halls and 3G pitches into multiple spaces. This enables you to book different hirers into the same facilities on the same day and times.

Automated emails

Hirers receive confirmation emails, but you can also automate emails notifications for your facilities and extras (ie. when catering is booked, emails the kitchen).

Amend Letting & Fees

As the Lettings administrator you have full control to override pricing plans and adjust your bookings charges and apply any special discounts.

Sales Tax and insurance

Apply sales tax and insurance premiums to individual facilities. Our letting system will manage any tax exempt hirers and record insurance renewal dates.

Site team communication

Choose between printable reports or use the Outlook/Google calendar feature to keep your site team up to date with Lettings activities.

Branded invoice design

Setup the invoice template with you logo, adjust invoice element layout, and add instructions for you hirers on how to pay.

Hirer login permissions

When hirer login is enabled for a contact, you can decide if they need to view costings (invoices, payments, and statements) or just reservation information.

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