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The SchoolBooking platform is an annual subscription. We don’t have small, medium or large ‘license plans’. You choose a license that is right for you.


Booking System

    Room and resource booking system for teachers /staff. Links seamlessly with your school management system.
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Lettings System

    Manage hire of your school facilities,
    increase income, and develop
    community lettings
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Parent Meetings & Events

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Annual Subscription

How do I place an order?

What's Included

MIS Integration

No additional fees for MIS integration. We support Capita and other leading MIS platforms including Bromcom, Arbor, Progresso and iSAMS.

Unlimited bookings, and No extra charges

We don’t have contracts or setup fees and your licence includes unlimited logins and bookings. You won't find any hidden fees, such as payment or admin charges in our platform.

Great Customer Service

Customers have confidence in us getting them up and running quickly and supporting them in the future. Access to our Solution Centre, Telephone, email and chat support is included and customers can arrange web conference tutorial sessions.

All in one platform

A unique feature of SchoolBooking is how each module integrates. View and manage all your staff bookings, hirer lettings, and parent meetings in one platform.


Providing Office 365, Azure, G-Suite and LDAP integration as standard -making it easy to implement using users existing accounts.

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How to order your subscription

From within the UK

Simply contact us to request a quote or visit the license page within SchoolBooking and update with a Purchase order or other reference. UK organisations will receive an invoice with 30 day payment terms..

Outside the UK

Please navigate to your licence page where you can pay for your subscription by card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). If you are unable to use a card, please contact our customer services team and they can provide international banking details (IBAN/SWIFT).