Who are we?

We're a software company based in the South East of the UK offering a booking solution for management of rooms, resources and lettings.

SchoolBooking makes it easy for you to manage your rooms, resources and lettings.

Our software launched in 2008, but our story started a few years earlier.

Founders Mark Baker and Lee Colbran could see a void in the booking system market for software designed specifically for use in Schools. Both working within schools, they were frustrated with how rooms and resources where not being utilised, so they began developing an online solution. We built it for ourselves, knowing there must be other schools that shared our pain.

Today SchoolBooking is seen as the market leader booking system software for use in schools, managing thousands of bookings every day at sites across the globe.

While we continue to improve and add more features and refine the experience, our goal hasn’t changed since day one – to make it easy to manage rooms, resources and lettings.


With plans tailored to suit your school