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Parent events made easy

Optionally split a Parent Meeting into groups, for different days, times, classes and more. Also, set an optional break between slots to allow Guardians to move between appointments.
MIS Integration
Automatically use class, student, teacher and guardian data from your MIS to make the creation of the Parent Evening quick and easy.
SchoolBooking Room Integration and Flexibility
Use your SchoolBooking room information to select only available locations for each group. Reassign classes from absent or oversubscribed staff
Future Publishing
Publish your Parent Meetings in the future, so you can get all your preparation done now, and then let the system take care of the invitations automatically.
Email & SMS Invitations
Use Guardian's contact information from your MIS to send automatic invitations by email and SMS, with automatic account creation and one-click activation for the less technically-able Guardian.
Super Simple Booking
Guardians will be able to book slots instantly, avoiding conflicts, and showing real-time availability.

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Unlike many systems, SchoolBooking will take care of all of your MIS lessons, cover and room closures as well as your sites bookings, lettings and Parents evenings all from one single solution.
Backend setup of parents meetings is wizard based making it easy to administer whilst ensuring the parental booking stage is incredibly intuative to use minimising any additional contact with the school.
By using multi-slot view, Parents are able to quickly view their itinerary, which not only prevents booking clashes but also provides your events availability live.
Staff can view parental bookings before the event, allowing time to focus on contacting hard-to-reach parents.
Invitations are sent automatically via email.
Setup reminders and notifications to be sent out to all attendee's on specific times and dates.
Check if parents attend events and look back historically to identify potentially issues.
View historic and live views of how your Parents Meetings system is being used and identify ways of improving your service .

A centralised Bookings, Lettings, Parents Evening Solution


Device friendly

Designed with parents in mind - perfect for mobile phones / personal devices whilst utilising larger screens for reporting and management.

Access anywhere

MIS integrated

Parent Meetings is fully syncronised with your MIS, pulling lessons, cover and closures directly into your parent meetings system.

Practical knowledge

Developed by Schools

We come from an education background including ex-teachers, school ICT support staff and management. This gives us a leading insight into the unique needs of a schools.

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