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Remove the need for paper appointment sheets with an online system for teachers, students and parents.

Video Conference

Face to Face, Phone, or Video call meetings

Manage communication with Parents about your event. Send email invites or reminders in seconds, and monitor your parents booking activity.

Parental Engagement

Improve Parental Engagement

Easy to use online booking experience so parents can manage their attendance, print itineraries, and receive email reminders.

Single Login

Single Login for Parents

Parents who have children at different schools can subscribe to each school using a single login. Great for MATs, districts and tiered schools.

Parent Meeting Invites

Parent Meeting Invites

Manage communication with Parents about your event. Send email invites or reminders in seconds, and monitor your parents booking activity.

Run on time

Parents Meetings Run on Time with Live View

The ‘Live View’ module helps Teachers to keep to their appointment schedule, view parent contact details, meeting comments, and communication preference (for phone or video appointments)

Record Parent Attendance and comments

Record Parent Attendance and comments

The teachers login includes an option to record ‘attendance’. You can also allow Teachers & Parents can add comments to appointments which will help support more meaningful conversations.

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More features that will help make your Parents Meetings a success

Sync with data with your MIS

We integrate with MIS platforms to ensure locations, teacher groups, parent and guardian information is up-to-date..

Create Parent Meetings for staff without Classes

You can include SENco or other staff (such as headteachers) to your events by creating User Defined Groups in

Book on behalf of parents

Teachers or Event administrators can book and print appointment for students.

Re-assign busy teacher appointments

Teachers with not sufficient timeslots can re-assign appointments to other staff/teachers.


Change your start end times for individual teachers and disable appointment slots for breaks.

Optimised for mobile devices

Parents can book their appointments on their computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Insightful Reports

Bulk print and email teacher schedules, and parent itineraries. Use staff planner to review how busy your teachers are. Track students without appointments.

Book rooms for your Parents Meetings

Choose a location(s) for each teacher and book the room in our ‘Bookings System’.

Teachers Login

When enabled your teachers can view their appointments, book on behalf of students, and print itineraries.