Feature Timeline

SchoolBooking is regularly updated to introduce new features and improvements.

The table below shows the major changes that have taken place over the past few years.

  • iCals 2016 - May
    Users can now use iCals to see their booking information in external calendar systems.
  • API 2016 - Jan
    API V1 released, allowing users to connect to SchoolBooking using their own code and other applications.
  • Digital Signage 2015 - Nov
    Create and customise digital signage screens to show booking information.
  • Booking Quota 2015 - Sept
    Limit the amount of times a user can book in a set time.
  • LDAP 2015 - July
    *Update* - module updated - LDAP is now even easier to setup with our new simplified LDAP module.
  • Login Customisation 2015 - June
    *Update* - module updated - Sites can now customise their login screens to an advanced level, changing colours, images and wording.
  • Resource Tracking 2015 - April
    An optional module that keeps an extra eye on the current location of your smaller resources. Never have an item go missing again.
  • SIMS Integration 2015 - January
    Capita SIMS schools can now automatically sync their lesson data in SchoolBooking.
  • Booking System v3 released 2014 – September
    Major revamp to the booking system including several new administration features and a completely new look.
  • Single Sign On 2013 – December
    Automatic logins now available to users already connected to their site network.
  • Lettings System v2 released 2013 – August
    Lettings expanded to include payments/invoicing management.
  • Lettings System released 2012 – July
    An alternate version of the Booking System is released to deal specifically with hirer bookings.
  • LDAP integration 2012 – March
    SchoolBooking accounts can now (optionally) be created and managed by your site network.
  • Customisable booking grid 2011 – June
    The main booking grids can be adapted to suit a user’s own personal preference.
  • Security update 2011 – May
    SchoolBooking becomes more secure with HTTPS
  • Reports 2011 – April
    30+ unique reports added to a new area of the system
  • Usergroups 2011 – March
    Rather than a basic admin/standard user structure, each account can be customised to allow different actions.
  • Booking System v2 released 2011 – January
    Several new features introduced. New look.
  • Customisation 2010 – June
    Schools can now change the look of the system to suit their own style.
  • Supervision 2010 - March
  • SchoolBooking Full released 2010 - January
    SchoolBooking now commercially available worldwide.
  • SchoolBooking Beta released 2009 - June
    A number of schools in the UK area trial the system.
  • Development of the Booking System 2008 - December