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Web-based room booking software used by hundreds of schools and businesses worldwide for total management of your rooms, resources and lettings. Try it now for free.

Room booking software

SchoolBooking is a web-based booking solution for your Rooms, Resources, and Lettings. You have full visibility between lessons, bookings, and hired facilities in one system. Access SchoolBooking from anywhere, get reports on how your rooms, resources and lettings are being used and free yourself from ineffective paper-based solutions.


State-of-the-art security

We include 128-bit SSL encryption as standard and our application is hosted on dedicated servers at two state-of-the-art datacenters in the UK. These are maintained 24×7 by an expert team of engineers providing unrivalled connectivity, extensive CCTV monitoring, in a climate controlled environment. Every possible consideration is made for our servers to operate to their full potential, so they can deliver the highest possible levels of uptime and security.


Branding and customisable pages

Change the way your SchoolBooking application looks with a few simple steps. Update logos, change menu colours and background themes to match an existing website style or organisation identity. We provide separate login pages for internal and external lettings (hirers) which include customisable banners, text and images.


Integrate your systems

SchoolBooking includes LDAP user authentication for Windows Servers. You can import your lesson timetable and room list from most popular MIS systems. SchoolBooking is also an accredited Capita Sims Technical partner offering near real time syncronisation to all Sims.Net Schools.  SchoolBooking can also create iCAL files for calendar applications such as Outlook, Gmail. tech partner

ldap registration

Committed to serving customers worldwide

Hundreds of organisations in more than 20 countries trust SchoolBooking to simplify and manage their daily bookings. Our service is customisable to all time zones and many currencies. Support is available through our website and system support menu. Every support or email enquiry is responded to within 24hrs and you can contact us directly using Skype. As part of our global commitment we are always interested in how SchoolBooking can be improved for your local country needs. Please contact our customer services team.

  • General Assembly – New York
  • Clearwater Bay School – Hong Kong
  • Cowes Enterprise College – UK
  • Good Shepherd – Australia
  • AMIDEAST – Morocco